All photography provided by Ben Law

Our Earth Angels mission is something we are so very passionate about and committed to. It's our way of giving back and ensuring that your precious one's memory will always be with you.

An open letter to my Earth Angels


Wherever you may be, what ever battle you may face ... 

You, our Earth Angels are on a journey that you did not dream of, wish for, nor deserve... But here you are living your life on your terms, with your family by your side you face every day with determination and a will to fight!! 

It gives me so much inspiration to see this power in you, to neither give up nor to give in. Daily challenges are faced, yet through your smiles, your laughter, your tears, your pain, may you never have to face them alone.   

I have seen you share your stories to help others, to give comfort in these hard times, when you yourself deserve that very same love. You are so young, open and honest it proves just how amazing you truly are and the amount of courage you hold within. 

Our Earth Angels deserve to be remembered. As a photographer I know I can capture special moments that will last a lifetime. Photos truly become invaluable when our loved ones are no longer here with us. When that time comes, as a photographer, I find my true purpose is understood. My gift might not seem that much now, but in years to come it will be precious. 

This is something that I am very proud of and very passionate about, I wholeheartedly believe that my gift of photography is what gives me purpose! 

Let US give YOU a Lasting Memory. 

Pay It forward 

If you know anyone that deserves to have a family portrait, this is where we would like to make a difference!

Email us and let us know if we can help!